what the hell is this?


What the HELL is this?

I started working in web production in the late 90’s. A few years before the dot.com bust. Those were the days! We were wide eyed about the internet and thought it was going to change the world and touch every aspect of our lives. From banking, chat rooms and dating. From shopping for books, CD roms and mail order pet food.

This website started this irreverent side project… as satire… like, how far are we going to push this whole internet thing? The WWW couldn’t replace GOD could it?

Other than this page, the content of this site is largely untouched since it was made 2001. The site was build pre CSS with spacer GIFs and tables nested within tables. I was proud that it was assembled with header and footer includes that hid all of the dodgy markup off the page and utilized variables to set active states and populate top banner and right rail content. (view code sample here)

If you are concern about data privacy, the forms collect no data and do nothing...much like GOD. Unless you have faith.



"this is not funny and you are going to burn in hell!" 



DISCLAIMER: The administrators and creators of this web site assume no active role with any diety. YOUR ACTUAL GOD MAY VARY.