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My name is Toby, I'm a proud father of an awesome 13 year old daughter that likes singing, graphic novels and The Amazing World of Gumball. I'm also an artist, runner, gamer and a Senior Web producer—I live and work in San Francisco.

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toby hilden runners mixtapes

When I began running, I would create ipod playlists of motivational songs to keep me moving. As the months went on, these playlist became more complicated mixtapes I made using DJ software. My standard formula is 90's progressive house, electronic, hip hop, and nerdcore.

Toby Hilden Sample Websites

I have been in web production since the era. I have worked in small start-ups, large companies and ad agencies. I currently hang my hat at Oracle. I have some examples of the web production work posted here.

evil puppethead

I am an artist without a primary medium that loves to experiment. From practical sculpture—paper maché, live molding, fiberglass and resin digital art in Maya and Photoshop.

  • Growing a strain of radioactive weed in my basement using a flux capacitor.